“Family always feels nearby. The closeness is never determined by distance or time. Frequent gatherings develop into mutual support. And occasional visits enrich lives with gratitude. Family is comfort; it is home. What is most important: I refuse to limit family to a group or place. I am passionate about strengthen all communities. I believe, the foundation is respect and commitment and creating cherished moments.”

Antoinette Rice-White

Community Parent Leader and Foster Parent
Elgin, IL

Life is quite exciting. It can be overwhelming to have so many passions yet, I keep moving onward although it seems there is a limited amount of time. I want to share so many great things before transcending into eternity. I am an out of the box thinker. I believe, there is increased energy to gain when I obtain information about different subjects. It is a part of the reason I describe myself as a visionary. I often reach for the stars. It is imperative to surround myself with resources and tools to help me gain understanding from many aspects. On the positive side, I can communicate a variety of ideas and dreams to accomplish goals or solve problems. On the downside, it can be too much information at one time.

Sometimes, I believe part of this ability to think I can master numerous tasks at one time comes from the upbringing as the first born child. I had to assist my parent, be a good student and enjoy childhood. I remember attending elementary school; I participated in the science fair, art fair and dance contest. It just was not enough to settle for one project during the student activity program. I think, I formed the point of view, “variety is the spice of life” as a youngster. Even now, this is how I dive into life daily.

In my young adult years, I attended college and worked for many agencies performing office duties. Typical: I became a wife and a mother. It seemed becoming a caregiver was a “natural state of mind.” As time passed on, I began working as certified nursing assistant, licensed childcare provider and foster parent. Looking over thirty years, I have gained an invaluable level of wisdom along with upgrading caregiving skills which includes computer/administrative courses. I have gained knowledge in fields where jobs are in demand. All the education, training and experiences acquired has moved me ahead as it relate to my lifelong career plans. I am motivated to share my expertise with parents. I love assisting others in enjoyable and productive opportunities.