“I believe in the value of life. I believe we must prepare our children for tomorrow with the strong family values that welcome outsiders to the spirit of family.”

Charles Purham

Illinois Youth Advisory Board Program Coordinator

(800) 805-2505, ext. 6

Charles Purham has been providing direct and indirect services to youth since 2009, serving in a variety of roles supporting young people’s development. He is certified in Advancing Youth Development and has made it his life mission to promote and foster a resilient stance when facing challenges. Charles is also the proud father of 2 young ladies, age 14 and 1, and takes great pride in being a present father and playing an active role in the lives of his children to promote their positive development. He has served as the DCFS Statewide Youth Advisory Board Northern Region Coordinator for Be Strong Families for the past two years.

In addition to the nine years of services to young people, Charles also has several years of direct experience facing and overcoming challenging situations that derived from a state of homelessness. He seeks to empower young people with confidence to live a strong life, to be consistent in all things and to learn the habit of discipline to see greater results for one life. He truly believes that individuals can possess and improve quality of life through intentional efforts.

Charles seeks to continue his life mission as a Servant Leader to empower young people and young adults to live a successful life through facing their fears and being the change agent in their own lives.