“I feel family goes beyond bloodlines, last names or obligations. To me, the word “family” includes all the people in our lives who commit to love and support us unconditionally. It is not a passive birthright but a choice; a discipline of kindness that helps us thrive both as individuals and as a society.”

Fernando Barcelona

CEO / Creative Director
Barcelona and Friends
Greater Seattle Area

Fernando Barcelona is a copywriter from the Greater Seattle Area. He has worked on various entertainment projects and marketing projects for an array of clients. Some of Fernando’s projects include: conceiving the strategy, tactics and promotional materials for Logo’s #ALL50 Marriage Equality campaign, creating the promotional concept and tagline for the Logo original series “The Straight Out Report” and writing co-branded promotional materials for MTV & the American Legacy Foundation’s TRUTH campaign.

Fernando has worked as a project manager managing campaigns for various child welfare social marketing initiatives. He helped to create anti-stigma campaigns (Foster Kids Are Our Kids), assisting with the development of recruitment strategies and campaigns for prospective Foster and Adopt parents and creating materials for child abuse prevention and self-esteem programs for LGBTQ youth. Fernando has worked with Family Builders, Strengthening Families Illinois, Voices for Illinois Children and Human Rights, to name a few.

Fernando has worked on an array of health issues and has an in-depth knowledge on topics such as HIV/STI prevention, suicide, tobacco cessation, obesity and nutrition. Some of health organizations that he has worked with include the Human Rights Campaign, California Department of Health, Trevor Project, NY State Department of Health, and the Harvard School of Public Health.

As a volunteer he has helped to raise $10,000.00+ in donations for an auction event (“A Place at the Table” – Ali Forney Center) benefiting LGBTQ homeless youth in New York City.

Fernando’s passion is to celebrate the story of the human experience. From movies and novels to a good conversation with friends, he has always found storytelling to be a transformative experience when we learn about ourselves and others. As an adult, he has parlayed that passion into a career in advertising, where as a creative, he gets to tell stories almost every day.