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“Family is having people who love and support you unconditionally.”

Jacqueline Gongora

BSF West Program Manager

(800) 805-2505, ext. 9


Jackie Gongora is a Los Angeles based Team Lead for Be Strong Families. An LA native, Jackie graduated from the California State University in Northridge with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and a concentration in Ethnic Studies.

Jackie developed a strong sense of devotion for nonprofits as a beneficiary of youth development programs in the greater Los Angeles area. Passionate about helping children, parents and their families, Jackie started her career with nonprofits in 2005 in South Los Angeles as a coordinator for afterschool programs. Since then, she has grown to be the BSF West Team Lead that provides trainings and support to parents and professionals in the West Coast. In her free time, Jackie enjoys traveling with her daughter Brianna.