©Lynn Renee Photography

©Lynn Renee Photography

“Family to me is not just a word, it’s a feeling. Those who make me and my children feel blessed, loved, appreciated, respected, helped, needed and embraced are family.”

Kim Wright

Eastern Region Program Manager
Senior Trainer

(800) 805-2505, ext. 8


Kim Wright has a personal interest in working with parents to strengthen their families. As a teen mom, Kim understands firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate the system, build trusting relationships and remain resilient. Having to enter the workforce at an early age to care for her daughter Yasmine, Kim exited high school after 9th grade and earned her GED at the age of 16. Determined to set an example for Yasmine, Kim enrolled in Camden County College at the age of 21. In 2004, Kim welcomed her second child, Aaron. In 2005, Kim graduated with honors receiving her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts with a History Concentration. Kim continued her education at Rutgers University-Camden where she earned her Bachelors in Criminal Justice in 2007.

Kim’s entry in the workforce post college was in the private sector working as a Legal Assistant. Feeling disconnected from her passion to help families, Kim decided to pursue a career in the public sector. She began working in nonprofit in 2009 in Philadelphia in Case Management assisting families in the child welfare system. Feeling dismayed by the lack of resources available to her clients, Kim transitioned from case management to community outreach as a Strengthening Families Coordinator. It was in this work that Kim became exposed to and transformed both professionally and personally by the Protective Factors Framework.

In 2015, Kim joined Be Strong Families as a training consultant on the East Coast. In July 2016, Kim came on staff full-time and a year later, Kim was promoted to Eastern Region Program Manager. Kim has proudly served on the event committee of Christian Pentecostal Church of Camden’s Annual March Against Child Abuse since the early 2000s. Kim now lives with her family in Delaware.