“I used to tell this to my kids when they were younger, “Our family is like Noah’s ark. The outside world may sometimes feel chaotic or harsh or overwhelming, like a flood. In our family, we want to create an ark for each other — where we’re safe and protected and feel a sense of belonging, loved, cared about, taken care of and protected.” They got it and that’s the world our family is.”

Naomi Mark

Director of Educational Programs for The Office of Workforce Development at NYC’s Department of Social Services
New York, NY 

Naomi Mark, LCSW, is the Director of Educational Programs for The Office of Workforce Development at NYC’s Department of Social Services where she developed the Social Work Graduate School Field Training Program and the CEU Academy for all DSS social workers. Trained in the Art of Hosting, Ms. Mark brings transformational conversation practices and experiential learning into all workshops she develops. 

Ms. Mark is a national consultant on children and family issues, including stepfamilies, and inclusion of LGBT and differently-abled individuals in the Orthodox Jewish community. Last summer, she provided consultation and trained all staff of NY-area Jewish summer camps on LGBTQI affirmative policies and procedures for campers and counselors. Ms. Mark appeared in the award-winning documentary film “Trembling before G-d” and on Good Day New York (channel 5, New York City) in a segment on “The Myth of the Evil Stepmother.” She serves as a consultant to the Stepfamily Foundation. Ms. Mark also maintains a vibrant private psychotherapy practice where she specializes in work with couples and families. 

Ms. Mark was trained at the Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York City and at Columbia University School of Social Work. Her academic credentials include having served as an adjunct clinical professor of social work at Columbia University School of Social Work, a faculty member at the Institute of Psychosocial Oncology and a student educational coordinator at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where she also served on its hospital-wide Ethics Committee. She also served as the book editor for the academic journal Social Work Forum and has published numerous articles in professional journals.

Ms. Mark is the married to Rabbi Dr. Tsvi Blanchard and a proud mother of three young adult women — Tamar, Elana, and Elisheva and stepmother to Deena and Tali Blanchard.