Dream Our Preferred Future

On November 13, 21 staff, board members, parent leaders, and partners gathered in Pasadena to kick off the second phase of our strategic planning process: Dream. We reflected on the Discovery phase, and on how our strengths can form the positive core that launches us into our preferred future. We are just getting started with this phase, and we will be hosting another Discover & Dream session on the East Coast in the Spring to make sure we are capturing as much wisdom as possible from our community. In the meantime, we want to know what you think Be Strong Families needs to do to:

  1. Fulfill our mission of partnering to develop transformative conversations that nurture the spirit of family, promote well-being, and prevent violence.

  2. Realize our vision of a healthy, strong global family in which everyone works together to support each other and to create a sustainable future for our children, spanning multiple generations; and every society is composed of tight, loving, and fabulously strong families, and all children are safe, cared for, and nurtured in healthy communities.

  3. Live out our values of family, authenticity, liberation, vitality, collaboration, excellence, love, and spirit.

  4. Build on what we’ve discovered about our peak times of community excellence (see below).

If you have a dream you would like to share with Be Strong Families, please comment below or reach out directly to our Organizational Advancement Coordinator, Jessie Schrantz, at jessica@bestrongfamilies.net.

Dream is the second phase in Be Strong Families’ year-long strategic planning process using Appreciative Inquiry, under the leadership of Yoland Trevino, founder of Transformative Collaborations International. From July 1 through September 25, we were immersed in the Discovery phase, gathering information about the best of Be Strong Families. We uncovered peak times of community excellence and learned from our extended Be Strong Families family about what we do well and need to bring into the future. Below are some of our key takeaways from the Discovery phase, and you can view a presentation summary here.

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