Basking in the Mmmm with Journey to Vitality


Yesterday someone dissed my Vitality goal. He said, “How are you going to achieve a goal unless it’s specific?” Dismissively. Derisively. I’ve been thinking a lot about that. Because the conventional wisdom is that a goal has to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Appetizing, Reasonable, Time-Limited) to be good. Full disclosure: Be Strong Families teaches appetizing, others say achievable. And yet, I am personally expanding the wisdom beyond conventional. Using the journey metaphor and my travel experience. I found that when I had a SMART goal (write a paper for school and pass a test), I didn’t want to blog about it. It was too limiting. There was nothing to say. Or, rather, there was stuff to say, but I didn’t find it that interesting, so why would my friends and family want to hear it? Now that I have an intriguing goal (improve the relationship between my mind and body and spirit so as to right-size my body, achieve my school goals, and improve my love and social life), there is mystery in it, I am trusting it to unfold, I am on the path toward it. It’s real for me and I care about it. I am curious. I am creating the path by walking, trusting, being in my truth. I think my updates may have more relevance, inspiration, juice. 

This is like when I go on a vacation cum sacred adventure: we get the tickets, we make some plans and then we navigate in real time, in synchronicity with what shows up. For me, Journey to Vitality is a sacred adventure. I want to have a better relationship between my body and mind. I have an intuition that this will result in positive changes in all domains of Vitality. I am on the path and I am paying attention. I am present to my life. 

Now what comes up is having the courage to share. Having the courage to write about what’s most real for me in all this. I’m getting there. I am geeked about having a LHASA goal (I wish it could be a DUMB goal but I can’t think of an acronym for DUMB that works.). 

What’s a LHASA goal, you ask, besides the first part of the name for a dog breed and a city at the top of the world in Tibet? LHASA is my personal acronym for Living Holistically As Sacred Adventure. For me, being on a journey to vitality means stepping into the unknown with a dream as a destination. It means paying attention to what happens along the way and living in the Meaning and Magic and Messages and Moments from the Universe, from God, from Goddess, from the ancestors and all my relations as life unfolds. (I call that jumping into the “Mmmm.”) It means trusting that the people who love or just like me enough to donate to my cause (Be Strong Families) are sincerely interested in who I am and what my experience in this adventure called life actually is. They will be cheerleaders for me living my life, which really is my journey to vitality. Won’t you join me? Set a LHASA goal? Bask in your Mmmm? Sponsor my journey? Teaser: Next update is going to be about sex! 

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Article by Katthe Wolf, Founding Partner and CEO of Be Strong Families

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