A Season of Change: Summer

As of last week, we here in the western hemisphere, have entered one of my favorite seasons: Summer. This is a time of sunshine, beach trips, pool parties and making traditions. Summer is a time of growth. The ground is fertile, new growth is popping up, and we stockpile all the things needed for the coming winter. It’s a time of preparation. We have an opportunity to prepare ourselves, as well, throughout this season. There is the opportunity to nurture ourselves and to help our children and loved ones to nurture themselves too. To create a place, as parents or caregivers, that has a sense of sanctuary. To grow habits that produce a healthy life and stockpile practices that last a lifetime. This all starts with a move or a shift in your vitality, your life. When we cultivate and encourage this vitality, we allow for new growth in ourselves. A way to do this, is through Journey to Vitality. Using Journey to Vitality as a guide there is an opportunity for each of us to cultivate who we are over the Summer; and raise the way we live our lives to the next level. I challenge you to think of an area in your life this change could take place in. As Mark Anthony said, “We attract what our soul’s need to grow”. What’s a piece of you that could use some growing or be strengthened throughout this season? If you’re here, but not sure where to begin your journey here are some ways to help.

Start by looking at the six domains of Journey to Vitality: included are some ways to boost your vitality through each domain. These can be accomplished alone, or this can even be something the whole family does together! So, I ask, “What will you do to cultivate yourself and your family this Summer?”.

  1. Physical Vitality -- The health and well-being of your body.

    • Play ball, go on a hike or just get outdoors. (AllTrails is a great way to find trail locations nearest you)

    • Play water balloon volleyball. A way to have fun and stay cool!

    • Make a home or music video. Everybody gets a part and you can even record it with your cellphone.

  2. Environmental Vitality -- How your surroundings influence your well-being.

    • Take time to re-organize a space that’s grown boring. Something as simple as moving furniture around can make spaces feel brand new!

    • Turn your yard into a place that not just for the grass. These do it yourself games create a place for the family to make memories.

    • Go outside and ... look up! The sky is beautiful and sometimes all it takes to boost our environmental vitality is taking the opportunity to find and focus on beauty in our surroundings.

  3. Mental and Emotional Vitality -- The health and well-being of your mind.

    • Create a family affirmation board. Give each person a section with their name in it. This allows everyone to write encouraging things about each other. Creating a space of appreciation and encouragement.

    • Start a journal or read: Create a place where you can vent, process and share things you might not be ready to share with others. OR What's on your reading list for the summer? Reading with your children encourages them to keep learning during their break from school.

    • Create quiet time. This can be hard if your kids are home all summer, by intentionally making downtime it helps everyone. Start with 5-10 minutes once a day; and remember this looks different for everyone (ie. reading, playing a game, watching television or just resting)

  4. Social Vitality -- Your support system and the joy that friends and family add to your life.

    • Family Game Night, Date Night or a Night with Friends – Create an opportunity to grow socially, whether that’s with your children, your partner or with those who support you and your parenting.

    • Call someone you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. Reconnect or grow the relationship you already have.

    • Go on date nights with your child. Taking personal time with your kids, even if this is done at home, is very important.

  5. Spiritual Vitality -- Feeling completely alive and full of positive energy.

    • Visit places that promote positivism for you. This could be the beach, a place where good memories happened, a community center or place of worship.

    • Take time for a special act: a hug, prayer, meditation, a walk, or eating a special meal. Something that gives you a chance to fill your body with life and give it good energy.

    • Intensify your family's connection with a spiritual community and worship with your children.

  6. Financial Vitality -- Having the capacity to meet your needs in the material world.

To find support, inspiration and to see others who are working toward being their best self, check out the Journey to Vitality website.   

By: Candace Hinkle; Be Strong Families Communications and Marketing Manager