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A Season of Change: Summer

As of last week, we here in the western hemisphere, have entered one of my favorite seasons: Summer. This is a time of sunshine, beach trips, pool parties and making traditions. Summer is a time of growth. The ground is fertile, new growth is popping up, and we stockpile all the things needed for the coming winter. It’s a time of preparation. We have an opportunity to prepare ourselves, as well, in this season.

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Beauty: An Essential Ingredient for Well-being

Be Strong Families staff has been on a 6-month long self-care journey sharing our reflections, and commitments related to improving our personal vitality. Our Journey to Vitality work-site wellness program, which addresses 7 domains of vitality (Physical, Spiritual, Environmental, Financial, Emotional/Mental and Social), has been a great way to get to know and support one another and to practice a wide-range of self-care habits to boost our overall well-being.

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