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Nurturing the Spirit of Family

The warm weather of late June acts like a beacon to my family; it draws us Up North for our annual 4th of July camping trip.   As a family, we have been migrating to the serene northwest part of Michigan for the last ten years.  Fishing, hiking, dune climbing, and playing in the sand and surf fill our days while campfires, s'mores, stargazing and family stories complete the nights.

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A Season of Change: Summer

As of last week, we here in the western hemisphere, have entered one of my favorite seasons: Summer. This is a time of sunshine, beach trips, pool parties and making traditions. Summer is a time of growth. The ground is fertile, new growth is popping up, and we stockpile all the things needed for the coming winter. It’s a time of preparation. We have an opportunity to prepare ourselves, as well, in this season.

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