In recognition of the somber reality that many of our civil liberties and rights as Americans living in these United States are not only under attack but are in jeopardy of being forever overturned, Be Strong Families crafted a deck of questions (A More Perfect Union) that speaks to the most critical and current issues under justice watch.  These issues include: Immigration, Religious Persecution, Mass Incarceration, Policing, Violence & Gun Control, LGBTQ & Sexuality, Racism (and other isms), Gender Equality & Feminism, Disability, Bullying & Stereotypes, Embracing Diversity and Housing Discrimination.  With the Strengthening Families TM protective factors as our foundation, the A More Perfect Union (AMPU) deck of questions will be the driving force to stimulate honest and reflective conversations that will invite parents to consider how they talk with one another and their children about these issues.  Ultimately, the goal of AMPU is to transform attitudes and beliefs by expanding consciousness; our cafes foster an atmosphere that allow participants the opportunity to share their authentic lived experiences in an emotionally safe space.  Be Strong Families’ Art & Activism Events are an extension of the A More Perfect Union café experience; we invite the use of art to elevate the messaging of A More Perfect Union and bring balance to sometimes difficult conversations.  We know that throughout history, artists, athletes and celebrities have used their platform to raise the level of consciousness around social justice issues.  Our Art & Activism Events explore this concept against the back-drop of our A More Perfect Union café.


ART + ACTIVISM EVENT: Re-Imagining Black & Blue & You: Community Conversations on Hope & Healing

DATE: Thursday, November 21, 2019

LOCATION: West Englewood (Location TBD)

TIME: 6:00-9:00pm *Light Dinner Will Be Served @5:30pm

chicago police pic.jpg

EVENT DESCRIPTION:  Be Strong Families, in conjunction with I Grow Chicago, seeks to bring together local communities of color (West Englewood, Greater Auburn-Gresham and Austin) and the Chicago police officers that serve these communities to have café conversations on the strained relationship that exists between these two entities. Utilizing our A More Perfect Union Café deck, it is our hope to reduce and repair the tensions and restore respect on both sides.  In between rounds of café conversations, we will create a community vision board mural that will tell the story of the evolution of the relationship between law enforcement and these particular communities and our vision for a thriving, vibrant community where residents and law enforcement can co-exist peacefully and respecting one another.

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Be Strong Families will host a series of 3 Art & Activism Events from Nov. 2019- Jan. 2020- one in each of the following communities: West Englewood, Auburn-Gresham and Austin.  The final event will culminate in the Austin community on a National Day of Racial Healing (Jan 21, 2020).