“It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

African Proverb

Taniya Scott

Child Welfare Program Coordinator

Taniya Scott joined the Be Strong Families staff as Child Welfare Program Coordinator after volunteering as a parent leader for five years. Prior to her role at Be Strong Families, she worked as a Scholar Recruitment Intern advocating for first generation low income community college students to complete their Associates Degree. She has also worked as the Development Coordinator/Data Specialist for a non-profit organization advocating for equal pay and benefits for women, especially women of color. As a Child Welfare Program Coordinator, Taniya has the unique opportunity to advocate for families by hosting BSF parent cafés in the Chicagoland area.

Taniya brings a unique set of experiences to her role. She is a former youth in care and a birth parent with former youth in care. Taniya’s firsthand experiences with the Child Welfare system have made her eager to give back to families who are seeking to reunify and or remain intact. Taniya credits Be Strong Families for playing a key role her life, as a former birth parent leader and assisting with her development both personally and professionally.

Taniya’s passion is advocating for others and she believes that advocacy work is done correctly when we first understand how to advocate for ourselves.