“Family is my root and gives me a sense of belonging. It is the aura of unconditional support, love, and commitment.”

Di Yin

Executive Assistant to the CEO

(800) 805-2505

Di Yin is a dog mom, wife, daughter, photographer, and adventurist.  


 She was born and raised in Chengdu, China where the most flavorful Sichuan cuisine and hot pot originated and is ever-changing. Di received a traditional Chinese education throughout childhood and adolescence, furthering her college studies and professional life in the United States. Being a bilingual global citizen with deep cross-cultural roots, married to an American with a strong Italian heritage, Di is constantly fascinated by the fundamental commonalities in human relationships no matter how drastically different the traditions of various cultures first appear to be. 

 She previously worked as a project coordinator and translator in the film business with partnerships between US and Chinese production and distribution companies. Di believes in the importance of communication to create an understanding of both global and everyday business.  

 Being passionate in photography and adventuring through new aspects of life, Di is also an advocate for visual story-telling with social media tools to drive community connections.