Being Spider Woman: Transformative Change from the Inside Out


We are in a time of collective movement around the lifting of veils and the illumination of shadows.  You would have to be trying very hard to remain ignorant to the emergence of these stories that were once silenced coming into voice.  It is a strong, potent, rattling, traumatizing event that is still in its beginning stages as we have so many stories to hear, so much untold that deserves Truth and Reconciliation.  

I had the honor of hosting an experiential workshop for Be Strong Families' staff several weeks ago on a download I received about a year and half ago called the New Paradigm Skills Set.  I had posed a question to the Energies At Large on how we reach critical mass for systemic change.  How do we arrive to a place where there is a shift in who holds the power and privilege in the center-space?  How do we realize the desired outcome of the silenced voices in the margins being moved to the center and those who have so long held the center through their systems of separation and control moving to a space of deep listening?  What is the best use of our energy?  Protest?  Posts?  Positivity?  Patience?  I was asking these questions to be clear on the best application of my energy.  

In preparation for facilitating the workshop, I revisited these critical questions and what I saw was a grand spiders web, a circular web where each of us rests on an integral string and with each of our individual strings, we form a strong bond within the Circle of Life.  It doesn’t surprise me that at the same time I saw many posts in local groups about a proliferation of colorful spiders in my town (and a huge outbreak of hungry mosquitos) who are not harmful to we humans but towards whom many responded in fear. Spider Woman, she who weaves the web of interconnected life, is no one outside of us.  We are all Spider Woman and we have all been entrusted with a precious piece of this global web to care-take and steward regardless of our socio-economic station or racial makeup.  At the root of the New Paradigm Skills Set is knowledge of self.  

Amidst all the destructive, dismantling movement we are collectively experiencing now, there is a general backwards feel that IS the healing directional movement of this critical moment of systemic change.  In these spaces we review, research, reclaim and repurpose in order to move forward when the time arises without the unnecessary baggage that we now carry.  While this is happening at the macro level, it is key that we do this work on the personal level as well.  As time spirals inwards in this present moment we are offered an opportunity to cultivate our personal ethics and knowledge of self: 

  • What is your dharma code/agreements you’ve entered this life with?

  • How do you work in the world? 

  • What are your superpowers?

  • What are your sleeping superpowers?

  • How do you work in group/collaboration?

  • What holds your interest/revs your engine/makes you want to get out of the bed in the morning?

  • How do your subtle intuitive gifts work?  

In this raw moment of pulling off scabs and revealing historic systems of power and privilege, trauma, wrongdoing and appeasement please consider this list of key questions above as an additional and needed inward turning directional movement for change.  The answer is we need effort for change on all levels micro and macro in order to reach a new version of our way of life on earth – one held in Truth and Reconciliation and where all beings have a seat at the sacred council fire.  Da Naho!  

Yoli Maya Yeh, MA is a Yoga & Shiatsu Therapist and an Educator in Comparative Religions and Global Studies. Raised in her family's Native American spiritual teachings, Yoli spent twelve years of her young adulthood studying language, yoga, tantra, healing arts and meditation in India. A native of Chicago, she blends her understandings of Indigenous wisdom teachings, mind-body science, yogic discipline, and play into innovative learning programs for all ages and abilities. @yoliyogini 

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