Our value of family begins with respect for and appreciation of others no matter how old, how young, where they come from, what they’ve experienced, where they are, how capable they are, how healthy they are, who they love. It extends to individual’s choices of who they call family – what intentional, meaningful relationships they form. Our value of family extends to community and to sisterhood and brotherhood


Our commitment is to being realpresent, with our whole selves for every moment, every meeting, every activity and every project


We value social, political, economic, racial and ethnic, spiritual justice and we promote freedom and facilitate transformation grounded in our value of liberation


This means being strongactive, and filled with positive energy. Our value of vitality includes well-being of mind, body, spirit, and soul – and of individuals, families, communities, societies, and the earth


True collaboration is working together to have a collective impact that benefits everyone involved. Part of this value is inclusion – for us, every perspective is welcome, every voice is valuable for advancing the work


We value qualityintegrity, and professionalism. Our excellence is advanced by being strategic and intentional about all of our choices and by using skillful means, such as the Strengthening Families™ ProtectiveFactors and other tools and frameworks that assist us with getting the job done!


Empathy, kindness, and patience are hallmarks of our approach to achieving wellbeing, healing and peace. Our value of love, starting with self-love, causes us to feel compassion and appreciation for everyone we encounter and allows us to have heart-to-heart connections and hold space for transformation.


We pay attention to the spirit of things: the energy of them. Because of this, we are attentive to synchronicity, understanding that processes that involve people are organic and often non-linear. We seek to go where the energy is and to move forward building on strengths to realize abundance and prosperity. We understand Spirit to be the foundation of everything – including family– and we aspire to know our fundamental connection.