©Lynn Renee Photography

©Lynn Renee Photography

“I am happy that in the Northern region, parents are trained and capable to go to another place and connect with another parent leader who can draw other parents to share it with, and on and on. Parents are working together as leaders, sharing their beliefs and talents for a common goal.”

Sara Gonzalez

Senior Training Consultant

(331) 262-1578


Sara Gonzalez is married with two teenage sons. She came to the United States from Mexico in 1998. After becoming a Mom she realized that she did not feel prepared to raise her children and have a strong family in this country so she felt the need to ask for help within the community. Educating herself and participating in support groups of parents helped her to develop new capacities, skills, and knowledge that she could use to strengthen herself, her family and her community.

Strengthening Families Illinois / Be Strong Families has provided the opportunity to work with other parents, agencies and community partners to continue strengthening families by living the protective factors. She believes in Be Strong Families, because parents are viewed as powerful forces capable of changing not only their lives, but also their neighborhoods. Parents are treated with dignity and we incorporate an awareness of culture, heritage, language and customs in the services and supports that Strengthening Families Illinois / Be Strong Families offers. Her Core Team of parent leaders in the Northern Region are very active in their own community.

Before working with Strengthening Families Illinois, Sara was in  a secure accounting position with Two Rivers Head Start – where her children attended many years ago. However, she fell in love, and traded security for her dream. Now, she is living that dream and making it a reality for other parents.

Joined in 2010.