©Lynn Renee Photography

©Lynn Renee Photography

”When my mom passed, I thought family no longer existed for me outside of my son and dog. But I know now Family is not just Kai and Grafton, it’s Be Strong Families.“

Tiffany Murphy

Office Manager

(800) 805-2505, ext. 5


Tiffany Murphy is a proud mother of 22-year-old son, Grafton and a six-year-old Yorkie, Kai. She attended Jackson State University for two years and returned to Chicago to work for Bank of America. An eye opener for her was the September 11 terrorist attacks. Tiffany was working that morning and when she was evacuated from the building, she wondered about her purpose. She told herself that, before she leaves this world, she wanted to have found her purpose or found what her purpose is for others. After that thought, Tiffany began a new journey. That journey began as a Chicago Public Schools transportation aide for Special Needs Children and a part-time Parent Coordinator for ACT College Prep.

Tiffany’s first experience with Be Strong Families Parent Cafes came when the principal of ACT asked her to join a cafe happening later that day. After experiencing the Parent Cafe process for the first time, Tiffany was determined to bring cafes to the west side of Chicago. She partnered with Letechia and recruited tons of parents for every Parent Cafe. Amazed by how the parents interacted and found assistance through cafes, Tiffany became a consultant for Be Strong Families doing Parent, Foster and Youth Cafes. On November 6, 2016, her birthday, she made the grand decision of giving all of her time to Be Strong Families and leaving Chicago Public Schools after ten years of working with special needs children. Tiffany now serves as the Office Manager for Be Strong Families and also provides Birth Parent Support Services.