Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and Parent Cafés in California

As the creators of the Parent Cafés, Be Strong Families is excited to announce that the California Department of Education recently added “expanding parental knowledge of child development through Parent Cafés” as one of the top strategies under their nearly $11 million federal Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG B—5), previously announced on January 16, 2019. This announcement follows the inauguration of Dr. Nadine Burke Harris as California’s first Surgeon General. We are longtime admirers of Dr. Burke Harris’s work, including her 2015 TED Talk, “How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime.”

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Safety and Belonging: The Foundation for Healing in Parent Cafés

Human transformation can begin with the simple and powerful act of creating space to listen to a person’s unique and special story of their journey. I recently had the honor of facilitating one of several Parent Cafés with the theme “Trusting Relationships”. We began our Café by grounding, feeling the pressure of where we were all sitting. We felt gravity and a connection to the earth and to the room we were in. I expressed that we are all right here and safe. If parents had trouble closing their eyes, I asked them to see what was in the room or outside the window, the way the shadows hit the walls and floor or the colors of the grains of the wood floor.

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Reflexionando sobre los Días Festivos del 5 de Mayo al Día de las Madres

“¡FELIZ 5 DE MAYO!” me dijo una persona afroamericana en 1998 cuando yo recién había inmigrado del estado de Michoacán, México.  Yo amablemente conteste “Gracias” sin saber realmente por qué celebramos el 5 de mayo ya que en Michoacán, este no es un día de celebración. Me di cuenta de que, por mi origen mexicano, yo daba la impresión de que yo celebraba este día. Otra persona me dijo que comería comida mexicana este día para celebrar el día de la independencia de México. Yo estaba muy confundida con el malentendido del porque la gente americana celebraba este día.

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What does it mean to be on a journey to physical vitality? Physical Vitality is the health and well-being of your body. It’s the Vitality Domain that focuses on how you want your body to look and feel. It also addresses your attitudes and habits regarding nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindfulness. What really motivates us to take care of our bodies physically? What tips or tools assist us with staying fit? And, as I’ve been thinking about lately, how have our bodies changed over time?

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Being Spider Woman: Transformative Change from the Inside Out

We are in a time of collective movement around the lifting of veils and the illumination of shadows.  You would have to be trying very hard to remain ignorant to the emergence of these stories that were once silenced coming into voice.  It is a strong, potent, rattling, traumatizing event that is still in its beginning stages as we have so many stories to hear, so much untold that deserves Truth and Reconciliation.  

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Living the Protective Factors: Way 3

What if building the Protective Factor of resilience is less about discipline and skill building and more about radical self-empathy? Being your own best friend. Suspending self-doubt. Making brave choices to validate your own feelings, forgive your mistakes, and trust your soul’s guidance. If you are not a toxic narcissist, if you spend a lot of your time and energy caring for and about other people’s needs, then it’s very possible that your resilience will be enhanced by giving yourself permission to focus on your peace. 

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DIY Parenting When Your Kid is Struggling

When I need to fix something in my house or on my car, I generally go to YouTube and search for videos that can help show me how to do it. I follow the steps…very carefully; watching each detail with extra care, because I don’t want to break something or kill myself. Yes, that’s how adept I am…there’s always still a fear I’ll kill myself changing an electrical outlet; yet I persist. At the end of the project, I flip the switch or turn over the car and I’m absolutely amazed that it worked. What a great feeling!

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