“For me family is so much more than just the people I am related to, my family also consists of a supportive and caring group of friends who I can laugh and cry with. Without the strength of community I feel that I would not have as much hope to be the parent and person that I strive to be.”

Kassia Eide

SPARK Family Engagement Coordinator
Fox Valley United Way
Aurora, IL

Kassia Eide’s experience with Be Strong Families started in November of 2010 when she attended her first cafe in Aurora. The following Saturday she went to the hosting training. She was excited to learn about the protective factors and how they could be utilized with the families she works with at Two Rivers Head Start. Little did she know how much impact the program would have on her personal life!

She always thought she could do everything on her own and didn’t need anyone’s help and that asking for help was a sign of weakness. Being a single mom she quickly learned that asking for help with her daughter was not only an easy thing to do, but that taking time for herself would give her more patience to spend quality time with her.

After hosting a few cafes she got the opportunity to participate in facilitator training and began facilitating cafes in English and Spanish last fall. She has also received training on facilitating Wake Up! to Your Potential and the Hosting Training. Thankfully she has had many wonderful opportunities to participate and lead those trainings.

She is passionate about spreading the Be Strong Families program as much as possible. She likes meeting new people and connecting with them. Be Strong Families has become an integral part of her life. She has learned take care of herself and she has built amazing friendships with other parent leaders. She looks forward to continuing to grow and learn and share her experiences with others.