“Family is belonging, support, unconditional love, trust, sharing.”

Sylvia Xiaorui Wen

San Francisco, CA

Sylvia Xiaorui Wen is a wife, daughter, gardener, translator, writer, philosopher, and tea lover. 

Born and raised in China, she studied political science in university and earned a MBA in economy and business management. After working as a cross-disciplinary businesswoman for a decade and a half in several countries, she returned to school and received her MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University. She is passionate about ecological consciousness: human psyche, plant spirit, Traditional Chinese Medicine, sustainable living, and anything emerges at the convergence between culture and nature. 

She is currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area and traveling in between China and the USA with her husband Matthew London for his upcoming book and traveling exhibition The Spirit of Tea. In her spare time, Sylvia enjoys hiking in mountains and forests, and drinking tea in her backyard while learning the art of simply being.